Climate Protesters Block Traffic in Adelaide, Australia

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8 個月前

Climate protesters blocked traffic in Adelaide on the morning of Monday September 23 just days after a global climate strike.

As seen in a live video posted to Facebook by Extinction Rebellion South Australia, the protesters stood in front of traffic holding up banners saying “Hear the Kids” and “Stop Climate Deaths.”

South Australian police were on the scene, and said on Twitter the protest caused “minimal traffic disruption.”

The protest comes days after demonstrations in major cities around the world as part of the Global Climate Strike event on Friday September 20. Credit: Extinction Rebellion South Australia via Storyful

  • J
    I hope they didn’t drive or fly there to protest.
  • B
    They would...but how many of them are willing to ‘give-up’ their cars?
  • D
    You know, one day and it's going to happen ...all these protesters are going to be blocking some road somewhere and they're just going to happen to catch and stop somebody who's having a really bad day... well,I don't have to tell you what's going to happen... there is going to be a bunch of broken up dead protesters who died for no reason at all? But of course they'll blame Trump won't they?
  • J
    Jowls Nadler
    Unbelievable that adults would believe in such a childish fairy tale.
  • F
    Protesting, the best way to accomplish nothing.
  • T
    Hopefully the drivers turned off their engines, otherwise imagine the catastrophic consequences of all those internal combustion engines sitting at idle...
  • O
    beet horn once
    light green l have the right of way
    move or trip to hospital
  • W
    William D
    How many protesters drove to where they were protesting?
  • Y
    Yahoo abuser
    beep beep is the last thing he heard as the car drove over his body squashing him like a cockroach ....ha ha lol
  • J
    So cars are stuck there running polluting the air even more! Yah that seems to be about the logic of climate idiots.
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Boomer4 小時前
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DAPigs Keparat OUT!!7 小時前
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