Connecticut Police Release Bodycam Footage of Traffic Stop Shooting

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4 個月前

State officials are reviewing a September 14 traffic stop in Naugatuck, Connecticut, that ended in a hail of police gunfire as a suspect fled in his car.

The State Attorney for Fairfield Connecticut, Joseph T. Corradino, had bodycam footage taken of the incident released as part of a use of force investigation by his office.

Shortly after 8 pm on Monday night, Naugatuck Police Department Patrol Officer Kevin Zainc stopped the suspect, Roznovsky Machado, for what he said was a suspected drug deal. Another officer, Nicholas Kehoss, arrived shortly after and pulled in front of Machado’s car.

As seen in the bodycam footage, seconds later Machado attempts to flee, hitting Kehoss, who subsequently fires his gun several times at the car. The officers pursue Machado, but are unable to detain him.

On Friday morning, Machado turned himself into police. According to officials, he was not injured by the gunfire.

Machado faces multiple charges including attempt to commit first-degree assault assault on a police officer. Kehoss’ use of his firearm is currently under review. Credit: Naugatuck Police Department via Storyful