Flares Light Up Paris Streets During Marches Against Pension Reforms

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8 個月前

Tens of thousands marched through Paris on December 10 to protest proposed pension reforms.

Estimates of the number of marchers in the French capital ranged from 27,000 to 180,000, according to Le Parisien.

French media reported severe transportation disruptions because of the strikes.

Le Monde quoted France’s Ministry of the Interior as saying 339,000 people attended the demonstrations throughout France, including 31,000 in Paris.

The CGT, France’s national trade union, said there were 885,000 demonstrators in France Tuesday, 180,000 of them in Paris.

These videos show marchers on the Boulevard du Montparnasse with flares, flags, and balloon floats mounted on vehicles. Credit: @An__Nelise via Storyful