Footage Shows Scorched Earth After Bobcat Fire in California

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1 個月前

Several communities remained under evacuation orders as the Bobcat Fire reached 112,053 acres in California, on September 22.

Footage shows areas of scorched earth in Llano after the fire swept through the area. Hot, dry and windy weather continued to impact the area.

“The Bobcat fire made its way to our neck of the woods. We thought we were prepared. However we did not receive a warning or evacuation notice until the fire made it to our beautiful valley. We are so blessed to have our home survive. We only have a home because my 69 yr old mother began clearing over an acre of land with a 6 in hoe from day one,” one local man said.

Firefighters continued to battle the Bobcat blaze which was 17 percent contained on Tuesday. Credit: @dirtyhorizon via Storyful