Gatlinburg SkyBridge Coated in Snow in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains

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1 個月前

Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains were coated in snow on February 20, including the Gatlinburg SkyBridge, as this video released on the park’s Facebook page shows.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said up to four inches were estimated to have fallen in the mountain range, while generally less than one inch was reported for the Tennessee Valley.

Tennessee Department of Transportation spokesman Mark Nagi said crews were treating roads in Knoxville in the east of the state.

Gatlinburg SkyBridge is North America’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge and spans 680 feet across a valley in the Great Smoky Mountains. Credit: Gatlinburg SkyLift Park via Storyful

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    It would be helpful if they said why this is a big deal. Do they 'never' get snow there, or is it 'rare' or what?
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    Oh goodness, will they survive?
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    Fabulous stop in our travels.
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    I keep forgetting Americans don't know what snow is.
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