Glass Fire Spreads to Over 1,000 Acres in Napa County, California

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1 個月前

A fire that began in the early hours of Sunday, September 27, had burned 1,000 acres in California’s Napa County by the afternoon, forcing evacuations in the area, including at a hospital.

The Glass Fire, the cause of which remained under investigation on Sunday, was likely to spread further as winds picked up during the day. The fire was at zero percent containment by Sunday afternoon.

Mandatory evacuations and warnings were issued for areas close to the fire. The Napa County Sheriff’s Office reminded those evacuating not to stop or park in turnouts to view the fire, saying the spaces were needed to park emergency vehicles.

This footage was posted to Twitter by Javier Ayala-Hil, who said he captured it on Sunday morning while staying in Calistoga. Credit: Javier Ayala-Hil via Storyful