'You Guys Are F***ing Cult Members': Woman Rails Against Mask-Wearing Outside Florida Walmart

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1 年前

A woman in Winter Springs, Florida, referred to people who wear facial masks as “cult members” in an outburst outside a local Walmart.

Footage uploaded to Twitter shows the woman shouting at onlookers. “You guys are F***ing cult members,” she yells, “I’m not wearing a mask!”

Seminole County issued an executive order requiring all residents wear facial masks in places of assembly, businesses, and other places open to the public. Credit: @morgan_lamarre via Storyful

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    This is a prime reason why each state should make a mandatory law regarding using face masks, those that do not want to use it either pay a fine or go to a deserted island.
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    good job karen.
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    she did not get the virus yet?
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    And we wonder why our numbers are going up???
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    Um what cult would that be? Reasonable people who don't want to get sick?
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    Just the reason we are in the shape were in- hey that law is not for me, she'll
    get the virus along the line and give it too a hundred others and we the little cult people will have to wear our mask another six months! Thanks you big jerkl!
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    The rumors are true, Trump appeals to the lowest common denominator.
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    Solidarity Forever
    If I own a store. It is private property. If I say everyone must wear clown shoes or no service, then you WILL wear clown shoes or you WON'T GET IN!
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    If we had a leader who was actually leading, we would not be where we are today (pretty much back to square one). A competent leader who would be listening to the experts would have been asking ALL Americans to follow the guidelines which most importantly is wearing masks. Imagine where we would be if EVERYONE were wearing masks for the past 2 months or so? Instead, Trump has made this political (all about HIS re-election) and here we are.

    Those who refuse to wear masks are the ones who need to be isolated.