Pop Act Jedward Joins Black Lives Matter Protest in Hollywood

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1 個月前

John Grimes – one half of Irish pop duo Jedward – was filmed joining protesters for a Black Lives Matter march through Hollywood on June 2.

These videos show Grimes sitting on the back of a car holding a sign and chanting “black lives they matter here” with other protesters during the rally. He is later seen standing on the trunk of the car while waving the sign, and standing in front of a group of demonstrators shouting, “I can’t breathe.”

Police and members of the National Guard were reportedly guarding many of the California city’s main streets on Tuesday after more than a week of civil unrest following the police-involved death of George Floyd. Local media said at least several hundred protesters participated in the march.

The identical Grimes twins that make up Jedward rose to prominence following their 2009 appearance on the UK edition of The X-Factor, going on to release three albums and twice represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest. Credit: PlanetJedward via Storyful

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    Too many people are way over-using "racism" in too many places. The Covid-19 will catch up with them soon.
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    Jedward trying get publicity for a pair of useless, gormless #$%$ thicko out of tune brothers who were only kept on the show as the comedy act why do people pander to idiots like these pair. But like Joey Essex they have made a lot of money out of being thick as pig �hit. Anyway I agree lives matter it doesn?t matter what colour race or creed you are but I do draw the line at paedo?s,rapists,murderers,drug pushers,smack heads, thieves and terrorists then their lives don?t matter
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    FREE publicity.