Houston Fast Food Worker Shoots at Customer Over 'Missing Curly Fries,' Lawsuit Says

9 個月前

A fast food customer claims his family was shot at by an employee after a confrontation over a missing order of curly fries. Newly released footage shows the incident at a Jack in the Box chain location in Houston, Texas, on March 3, 2021.

According to a lawsuit, the driver, Anthony Ramos, had purchased food for his family around 11:30 pm at a Jack in the Box near Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when he realized a combo meal was missing a side of curly fries. Ramos’s pregnant wife was sitting in the passenger seat and his six-year-old daughter was in the backseat.

Footage from inside the Jack in the Box kitchen shows the exchange that followed, in which employee Alonniea Fantasia Ford brandishes and eventually fires a gun in the direction of the family’s vehicle. According to the complaint, Ford “began cursing at plaintiffs and yelling at them to ‘get the f*** outta here!’” Ford also threw “ketchup, ice, and other items at plaintiffs inside their car.”

Ford fired at least twice at the family, with one shot grazing the rear of the vehicle, the lawsuit states.

Ford was arrested after the incident and charged with felony assault, but reached a deal with prosecutors after six days in jail and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor deadly conduct, according to official documents.

The Ramos family brought claims against both Jack in the Box and A3H Foods, as well as the employee, writing in their complaint that their daughter is currently seeing a counselor due to emotional distress from the event.

The suit said Ramos was seeking “monetary judgment relief over $250,000 but not more than
$1,000,000.” Credit: Attorney Randall Kallinen via Storyful