Hundreds Protesting Police Violence March Through Manhattan

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1 個月前

Hundreds of protesters marched through Manhattan in New York on Saturday, June 6, calling for an end to police brutality.

Holding a banner reading, “The March for Stolen Lives and Looted Dreams,” the crowd made its way south on Central Park West towards downtown. This video shows the aerial view of the crowd at 100th Street.

The banner outlined demands, including the repealing of 50-a, a law deeming personnel records of local officials confidential and not subject to inspection. New York State lawmakers were set to return to Albany in mid-June to vote on reforms, including either a repeal or overhaul of 50-a, the Queens Daily Eagle reported.

Demonstrators also called for local officials to defund the police.

The event began at Frederick Douglass Circle in Harlem Saturday morning and was scheduled to end with a rally in Washington Square Park. Credit: Deborah Chusid via Storyful