League City Warns of Dangerous 'Floating Ant Piles' After Flooding Hits

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1 個月前

League City authorities released a video on Tuesday, September 22, showing floating ant piles in floodwater at Countryside Park as the city dealt with flooding brought by Tropical Storm Beta.

“This is one of the reasons why you should avoid walking through flood water,” read the tweet. “Floating ant piles – like this one found at Countryside Park – can form and be very dangerous.”

A flash flood warning was issued for some coastal communities in southeast Texas as Tropical Storm Beta brought heavy rain to the region on Tuesday, weather officials said.

The National Hurricane Center said Beta was forecast to “stall” over Texas on Tuesday, dumping heavy rain along the coast. The Galveston County Office of Emergency Management said it had prepared high-water rafts in case flood rescues were needed. Credit: @LeagueCityTX via Storyful