Local Surveys Barren Landscape of Juniper Hills in Wake of Bobcat Fire

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1 個月前

The Bobcat Fire has left its mark on vast swathes of Los Angeles County, and destroyed dozens of structures, including in Juniper Hills, where a scorched and blackened landscape greeted returning residents like Emilia Mavrolas.

Mavrolas recorded this footage of what she called “the aftermath” near her home, which narrowly escaped.

Speaking to Storyful, she said, “I frequently would drive my car or ride my Rhino down these back roads and admire the beauty of the desert. This was my first time seeing the burn from the Bobcat Fire, and the landscape was unrecognizable.”

She added, “Luckily the fire stopped less than 100 feet before my neighborhood, but the vegetation won’t recover for a long, long time.”

As of September 28, the Bobcat Fire had scorched 114,202 acres, fire officials said. It was 62 percent contained. Credit: Emilia Mavrolas via Storyful