Man Berates 'Honk for Biden' Group in Oklahoma

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1 個月前

A man identified in local news reports as Rowdy Veal stopped his truck on a road in the Oklahoma community of Fittstown on October 24 and confronted people holding “Honk for Biden” signs.

Shawn Hunley, who recorded video of the incident, was with her fellow Biden supporters when Veal approached the group from a white truck that had its horn blaring.

“You support a child molester, you support abortion,” Veal can be heard saying to the women. He also calls them “losers”.

Describing Veal’s behavior as “aggressive”, Hunley told News 12 that despite being involved in politics all her life she’d “never experienced this ever.”

News 12 cited the Pontotoc County Sheriff as saying a warrant for Veal “could be issued”. Credit: Shawn Hunley via Storyful