Man Convicted After Pushing Over a Female Police Officer During London Protests

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4 個月前

A man has been convicted for pushing a female police officer to the ground during protests in London on June 13.

A statement by the Metropolitan Police said Jamie Dewing, 31, from Saltburn-by-the-Sea, admitted one count of assaulting an emergency service worker and one count of violent disorder at Teesside Magistrates’ Court on July 8.

Police said Dewing had “travelled from Saltburn-by-the-Sea to join hundreds of demonstrators protesting in Parliament Square.”

However, they said “very early into the day” Dewing was part of a small number of demonstrators that “became increasingly hostile to police officers.”

As well as pushing the officer, police said, Dewing “was caught on camera acting aggressively, including throwing items such as a metal barrier at officers and repeatedly spitting at officers at cordons along Whitehall.”

Dewing will be sentenced at a later date, police said. The female officer received injuries to her back and neck which will require physiotherapy, they said. Credit: Metropolitan Police via Storyful

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    Go after these people or this never stops
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    He should be in jail, loose his job and publicly shamed for what he did!
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    a bad egg
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    If he does not get life in prison then the judge needs to be removed from his position.
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    So England acknowledges that this person is a 'thug', not just a 'protestor'. Further, they prosecute. How different from the mollycoddling in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, New York under the 'governance' of either brain dead or actively socialist politicians.
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    Oh, when it's a woman COP that gets pushed, now it's time to act against protesters? XD
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    get a job
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    Caveman is forming a thug protection organization Thug Lives Matter.
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    She NEVER should have been in a male uniform to begin with!
    Forced integration (race/ gender nullification laws) is destroying western civilization societies! The females role in a society is to procreate! Not INVADE male groups.
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    10 years in prison--no parole