Man Says 'I Can't Breathe' During Struggle With Police Officer in Washington

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4 個月前

A police officer was caught on video grabbing a man by the neck as he pleaded that he couldn’t breathe during an altercation in Washington on July 13.

Leezia Dhalla captured video of the incident and said the officer was “punching and choking” the man on the ground outside of a CVS Pharmacy on Vermont Avenue. It’s unclear what led up to the altercation.

The video shows the officer’s hands on the man’s neck as the man says “I can’t breathe” and struggles on the ground. Dhalla said a security guard in a white shirt “had to tell the cop to let up” his restraint on the man. Toward the end of the video, the security guard is seen gesturing to the officer multiple times, but the dialogue is muffled.

CVS told Storyful the officer was contracted to work security at CVS through a third-party company. In a statement, CVS told Storyful it was “deeply disturbed” by the video and said the officer will “never again” work security at “any” CVS store.

“This type of force appears wholly unnecessary, regardless of what happened inside. The actions of the security guard, who is not a CVS employee, violate our security policies and practices which are designed to ensure the safety of customers and employees,” CVS said in the statement. Credit: Leezia Dhalla via Storyful

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    Why doesn't the man just comply with the police lawful orders?
  • W
    It is only unnecessary until it becomes necessary and often by then it is too late.... Criminals lie to officers daily believe it or not to avoid arrest.
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    john m
    Maybe during the struggle for like a few seconds but the officer was over the shoulders for most of the engagement. Also from what I see, the suspect was resisting. Can we please NOT overuse "Can't Breathe" when you know you are guilty as sin and just resisting arrest?
  • d
    Does anyone else find it odd there is never any video of what led up to the incident ?
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    I predict that if everyone stopped resisting arrest, these types of incidents would dramatically reduce. What a novel idea. Follow the officers orders. If you feel you've been wronged, file a complaint with the department and get a lawyer. If you're right, you'll get a settlement and live to enjoy it
  • K
    You do realize that every suspect who resists arrest now knows to say "I can't breathe" in order to gain physical advantage, right?
  • C
    Suspects saying they can't breath has become the equivalent of inmates who claim they are innocent.
  • J
    Again have the story put out by the news media. The why was left out of what this man was doing. But the news media is quick to judge the police.
  • A
    Saying "I can't breathe" is nothing more than a tactic to get the police to let up a little bit, and then the suspect takes that opportunity to attempt an escape. That's why police understandably don't take it seriously, and unfortunately that can get police in trouble as we have seen.
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    Red Sky
    "It’s unclear what led up to the altercation." I'm thinking he was resisting arrest and hostile towards the officer, but hey, why not first find out what led to this, THEN report on it and make it a complete story.