Manta Rays Circle Diver at Ningaloo Reef

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9 個月前

A photographer got up close and personal with some manta rays while snorkelling at UNESCO world heritage site Ningaloo Reef, in Western Australia.

Videographer Scott Slawinski captured this drone footage featuring photographer and diver Nush Freedman. Both Freedman and Slawinski were out on a tour with Ningaloo Discovery tour group. Slawinski told Storyful that Freedman goes out with the tour regularly to take photos of the guests. He said that several guests had been in the water with Freedman and the rays, but she stayed on longer.

Slawinski posted the video to the Facebook page for his company, Base Imagery, describing the manta rays as “friendly” in his video caption.

According to National Geographic manta rays use creative ways to gather their food, which consists of zooplankton and krill, including following each other in a circle “to create a cyclone effect, trapping food in a spiral.” It’s not known whether they are enacting that behaviour in this video; fortunately for Freedman, manta rays are considered to be harmless to humans. Credit: Scott Slawinski via Storyful

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