Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officer Nearly Hit by Lightning During Stop

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1 個月前

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer suffered a close call with mother nature on July 2, when a bolt of lightning struck a roadway where he was helping a driver.

This footage, posted on the patrol’s official Facebook account, shows the incident, as captured by a camera onboard the officer’s cruiser. According to a short statement, the trooper had pulled over to “assist with some equipment that had fallen off a trailer,” when the bolt hit the highway. Credit: Oklahoma Highway Patrol via Storyful

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    So sad for this guy who was out in bad weather helping a motorist
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    Forget the officer, did you see the reaction of the driver who was almost hit. That bolt was like 6 feet in front of him, and he had to drive straight through, but he did swerve after. I bet he needs new pants and a new seat.
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    when god says dont write a ticket
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