Passersby Rescue Boy From Saskatchewan River

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1 個月前

Three men in Saskatoon, Canada, pulled a boy from the South Saskatchewan River on Saturday, April 10, after he fell in.

Footage taken by Ashley Pilon shows her husband, Brad, a friend, and a bystander working together to bring the young boy to safety, who was treading water and told the men he was unable to swim.

Pilon told CBC they noticed kids’ bicycles left “unattended” near the shoreline, before hearing screams and noticing one child on the riverbank calling for help and another child in the river.

Before she knew it, Pilon said, her husband had dashed through the woods and into the water, followed closely by his friend. The men were able to bring the boy safely to shore. Pilon shared footage of the rescue on Facebook, calling her husband a “hero.”

Local reports said the boy was evaluated by emergency services and deemed okay. Credit: Ashley Pilon via Storyful