Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte join The UK in Clapping for the NHS

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13 天前

Prince George and Louis and Princess Charlotte joined the rest of the UK in clapping for the NHS at 8pm on Thursday, March 26.

People across the nation lent their support for the healthcare workers battling the coronavirus outbreak.

The #clapforNHS campaign was heavily promoted by the government and the Royal Family throughout the day. Credit: Kensington Palace via Storyful

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    Oma Huslen
    Wow the a Royal baby Louis grown up so fast ,very cute Royals ,thanks for sharing the photos and I hope will soon more .
  • J
    the little one is really cute...
  • V
    He’s all grown up but he doesn’t look like George. He looks like Kate and the Middleton’s. They are all so adorable! Beautiful family!
  • c
    very nice family. William married well
  • M
    Maxwell Edison
    little cute....
  • N
    I think the royal family can contribute more to the healthcare workers than just claps. Come on, these people are billionaires. How about donating some of that taxpayer money you so richly enjoy for doing nothing, and donating a bit for those stricken with the disease? I'll more respect for the royals once they donate something substantial to the healthcare workers besides a clap.
  • n
    Love seeing them, they are adorable, but what does the UK think clapping is going to do to combat this virus?
  • L
    I loved the giggle at the end, I needed it! Thank you to all that are on front line of this virus, we couldn't get through this without you!!!
  • M
    Big deal
  • J
    I believe this started in France. Good for all!