Race Car Careens Off Track, Crashes Into Trees in New Hampshire

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1 個月前

A race car driver careened off the track during a Northeastern Midget Racing Association race at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire, on Saturday, September 18, after his throttle got stuck.

In an interview with Seacoast Current, driver Joey Bailey said his gas pedal became stuck to the floor and he was unable to pull it up despite having a system of cables in place for the possibility.

Bailey told Storyful he was “very lucky to walk away” after the incident.

“I’m doing okay. Very sore all around but blessed that’s all I have to deal with,” Bailey said in a message to Storyful. “Our average speed at that track was 110 mph, and since the throttle stuck, I actually gained speed leaving the track. They’re estimating I hit the tree at approximately 110-115 mph, and it went into a dead stop. Unfortunately the car can’t be salvaged. We’re going to have to start from scratch. But I’ll be back for sure!”

Footage from Bailey’s helmet cam shows the moment he accelerated into the greenery by the track. Credit: Joey Bailey via Storyful