'Rocco, Put Your Tail Down': Cat Interrupts Virtual Parliamentary Meeting

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4 個月前

A member of the UK parliament’s cat appeared during a live virtual committee meeting on July 14, prompting laughter from others on the call.

John Nicolson MP was speaking during a meeting of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee. The meeting, on “the future of public service broadcasting,” involved testimony from Dame Carolyn McCall, chief executive of ITV; and Magnus Brooke, director of policy and regulatory affairs at ITV.

Nicolson was asking about the use of subtitles on children’s TV, when his contribution became itself worthy of children’s TV as a tail popped up before him.

“I apologise for my cat’s tail,” Nicolson says in the video, before making a memorable appeal to the cat: “Rocco, put your tail down.” Credit: Parliament TV via Storyful