Scrumptious Chicken Salad Recipe

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Another way to use Chicken, make a scrumptious Chicken Salad. Filled with wonderful flavors, great between 2 slices of your favorite Bread with Radish and Grape Tomatoes on the side. Chicken Salad Ingredients: 4 cups Shredded Chicken 1 Red Onion (chopped) 3 Green Onions (chopped) 2 Celery Ribs (diced) 3 Sweet Peppers (chopped) 1 Jalapeno (chopped) 1 tbsp fresh Cilantro (chopped) 1 Apple (peeled, cored n chopped) 1/2 cup toasted Walnuts (chopped) 1 cup Mayo (or more to your liking) 1 tsp Mustard Salt (to taste) Pepper (to taste) Combine all the Ingredients, integrate well and season to taste. Enjoy!