Shimmering Aurora Dances Across Norwegian Night Sky in Timelapse Footage

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1 個月前

The northern lights danced and shimmered across the sky in Senja, Norway, on the night of Monday, October 19, as beautiful displays were seen overhead across the region.

British photographer Matt Robinson captured timelapse footage showing the colorful aurora as it created a spectacular display over houses and mountains. A shooting star can also be seen within the footage.

Robinson regularly films striking video in the region, yet when tweeting this video footage he stated that this particular event still “really took me by surprise!”

“I’m so far north within the Arctic Circle that if the sky is clear here, we’ll see the northern lights, we just have to walk out the door,” he told Storyful.

Robinson filmed this video using a Canon 6D camera and recorded the footage over a 30-minute period. Credit: Matthew Robinson via Storyful