SpaceX Shows Up Close Aerial View of New Falcon Heavy Rocket
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Space enthusiasts got a special look at SpaceX’s new rocket, Falcon Heavy, which will lift off for the first time in 2018.A Tweet posted by SpaceX owner Elon Musk in December 2017 stated that the rocket’s first payload would be a red Tesla.A video posted to social media on January 3 provided an up-close-and-personal look at the rocket which, according to the company’s website, will have a liftoff thrust ‘equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft’. Credit: SpaceX via Storyful
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    Beldar Conehead
    Mine’s bigger and it works too!
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    God I'd love to be there when this baby launches.
  • j
    Get back to the moon already....
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    Ordinary Average Guy
    First payload will be a Tesla. Okay, where are they thinking of delivering a car that requires transportation by rocket? Seems kind of pointless... but I guess it's his money to waste as he sees fit.
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    could add parachute please deliver cherry red Tesla to these coordinates. 53.3786°N, 6.0570' w
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    Go Falcon Heavy, I know you can do it. Give that red Tesla a wonderful ride.
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    I would like to be there when blasts off!!
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