Toilet Paper Trick Shots Keep Six-Year-Old Boy Busy During Isolation in Atlanta, Georgia

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3 個月前

Six-year-old Zeke kept entertained by aceing some “coronavirus trick-shots” with toilet paper rolls at his family’s home in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 27.

Zeke was filmed dunking rolls of the sought-after item into basketball hoops around his home.

“Quarantine really got me doing toilet paper trick shots. Stay safe“ a caption alongside a video uploaded to Instagram read. Credit: Jaclyn Vozniak via Storyful

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    Ha-Love this boy.
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    Now, if only he could make the toilet paper bounce.
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    So if you can waste the stuff like this, that tells me that YOU are one that hoarded and cleaned out the stores.
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    If they can abuse toilet paper like that ya' think they have too much
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    Methinks I smell Fraud
    why toilet paper?
    didn't his parents allow him any balls?
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