UFO light orbs in formation caught over Texas

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1 個月前
Unidentified flying lights spotted over the night sky in Seguin, Texas. What do you think it is?
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    I was out at about 2am in the morning looking at the mountain fire here in Arizona... when a glowing object flew tree height for about 3 to 4 seconds as it it turned on above me and turned off 3 to 4 seconds after it flew away straight down the street. It was greenish-white...like a glow in the dark stick but a bit whiter. It flew just as fast a small bird darting from tree to tree but it went down the street. No noise, completely silences. No video or pictures, I wish I did but it was so fast I didn't expect it. So the next day I looking up bioluminescent bats and found nothing that can actually glow. I studied physics and astronomy, not biology... I am not saying aliens but it sure was strange. It was way to big to be a firefly, it was about the size of a golf ball, maybe a bit larger. The sky was clear and the fire was way to far away for it to be a cynder, fire was like 3 to 5 miles or more from me.
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    I welcome our new alien overlords. Hope they’re not PC and have a sense of humor ✌️🤣
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    Aliens from outer space don't fly around earth at night with their lights on.
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    Reminded of the Phoenix Lights
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    Wow that thing is STILL HERE!? I saw that while i was walking my dog at about 1:30am. Pitch black sky, I look up and there THIS thing was flying westward at a pretty decent and weird speed. I can tell you the lights are dim amber/yellow. Its completely silent. It had to be pretty big because it was high up but still looked to be about the size of a plane landing. I cant believe someone else has seen this...
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    It's just someone's decorated quad copter. Oh but if you believe in aliens, then it's an alien space ship. Fine. Whatever.
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    The government told us what it was years ago, SWAMP GAS....My brother Swamp denies it is his.....
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    An object, flying, that's unidentified.
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    genetically modified geese with their running lights on
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    UFO is cool, but he also recorder what sounds like a sasquatch nearby.