Video of Sheep Hanging Out on Cliff Face Baffles Internet

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1 年前

People on the internet have been left baffled by a video in which blue sheep appear to defy gravity as they gambol on a sheer cliff face in China’s remote Valley of the Cats in Qinghai province.

Biologist Imogene Cancellare captured the video on July 19 while she was in the valley researching snow leopards. The Valley of the Cats is a unique natural region where visitor access is restricted in order to protect the landscape and wildlife.

Cancellare posted this video of the sheep to Twitter on September 11 with a caption saying, “blue sheep doing the impossible, per usual.” Blue sheep are indeed known to “inhabit upland slopes in a wide range throughout China,” according to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

The video had more than one million views within two days and produced a wide range of reactions online. Replies to Cancellare’s tweet ranged from “this is wild” to claims that the video was filmed at an angle. Cancellare told Storyful that “this video was shot on an iPhone X (vertical orientation) from a car and is on a slight angle.” Credit: Imogene Cancellare via Storyful

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    This guy who took the video just tilted the camera. Look closely to the trees and rock formations.
  • E
    Tilt your laptop. Align it with the tree, to see the real picture. It's not that steep.
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    Video rotated 80 degrees.
  • d
    Oh c'mon...people are baffled by a sideways video clip ??
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    Louis G
    baffles the internet = believable as the internet is not a human but a collection of humans who willingly chose to connect themselves with the internet … most people who are connected to, have studied or are connected to nature are not baffled at all
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    Jane Doe
    Real fake news. Anyone knows how to tilt a camera.
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    Isn't the internet folk getting just a tiny bit two sophisticated for this carny magic anymore?
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    They may be called blue sheep, but they're actually goats. And goats are known to be able to rock climb, so I don't get why people are baffled. Nor do I understand why a biologist doesn't seem to know this (and I assume she's an animal biologist, since she was allowed into a restricted wildlife area).
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    The IT Crowd
    you can get the exact same effect by turning your camera phone to landscape from portrait too.
  • K
    yup, pretty simple to see