'Violent' Snowstorm Buffets Northern Iceland

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9 個月前

A storm packing “hurricane-force winds” and “blizzard conditions” was moving over Iceland on Tuesday, December 10, the Icelandic Meteorological Office said.

The weather service said the “violent” storm was primarily affecting northwestern Iceland and was forecast to continue into Wednesday. Local media said all flights out of Keflavik International Airport were canceled on Tuesday, with some cancellations and delays spilling over into Wednesday.

The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management said on Tuesday that the storm was at a “hazardous” alert phase, which urged residents to prepare and consider emergency closures and evacuations. The department said several roads were closed and there were power outages across northern Iceland.

This video shows blowing snow near the Bardardalur Valley, an area by the city Akureyri in northern Iceland. Credit: @helena.travel.s via Storyful