Waves Smash 'Chain Surfing' Kids as Huge Swell Batters Sydney Beaches

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10 個月前

A group of boys were seen clinging onto an ocean pool railing and jumping into rough surf conditions at Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia, as massive waves slammed the city’s beaches on July 14.

The activity – known locally as ‘chain surfing’ – involves holding the fencing around ocean pools while bearing the blows of the waves.

Waves peaked at a height of 11.6 metres on the night of July 14, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. The hazardous surf warning issued for the Wednesday was due to continue until Thursday, July 16.

The storm system known as an “east coast low” by the weather bureau frequently occurs during autumn and winter and is one of the more dangerous weather events to affect the coast. Credit: Patrick McMahon via Storyful