Wind-Driven Rain Batters Northern Kansas Amid Tornado-Warned Storm

7,578 次觀看・9 個月前

Strong winds and heavy rain were recorded battering Norton, Kansas, on the night of September 21, as the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning and a flash flood warning for the region.

Footage recorded by Isaac Schluesche includes a timelapse of a large storm cloud rolling in, followed by various videos of the storm in northern Kansas.

“Severe thunderstorms led to a crazy night of activity across northern Kansas,” Schluesche told Storyful. “In addition to strong wind gusts and hail, dry fields led to blowing dust, making for a spooky sight in the late evening.”

Additional footage recorded by Schluesche while taking shelter at a gas station shows the wind-driven rain. Credit: Isaac Schluesche via Storyful