Woman Carried on Hood of Car After Driver Hits Protesters in Bloomington, Indiana

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5 個月前

A protester was carried on the hood of a car after being hit while demonstrating in Bloomington, Indiana, on July 6.

Protesters had gathered in Bloomington to call for arrests over an alleged lynching attempt at nearby Lake Monroe over the weekend, according to reports.

Emergency services were witnessed at the scene after the incident. Credit: Rodney C. Root via Storyful

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    It seems to me the driver of the car was being attacked by whole bunch of not-so-peaceful protesters and getting away from them to the safety. I don't see a problem with that. It is apparent self-defense.

    People, don't jump on moving cars on the street! You guys are terrifying the drivers of the cars.
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    I hope the car makes a complete recovery!
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    "Emergency services were witnessed at the scene after the incident." .................Huh?
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    Al F
    The video shows the pedestrian jumping on the hood
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    Well, she got the free ride she was demanding!
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    LOL ,I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of these type of video's
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    They want trouble , let them have trouble. Give it to them . They’re asking for it.
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    Jump on my car hood and you will get the ride of a life time including some Road Rash!
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    Now come on, show the rest of the video. They jumped on that car!
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    And the normal people of this world applaud! Lets see it again!!!