Woman Demonstrates Use of Stylish Rose-Gold Prosthetic Fingers

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2 個月前

A woman who lost her right index and middle finger, as well as the top of her thumb, demonstrated in a November 24 TikTok video the use of her rose-gold prosthetic fingers in Centralia, Washington.

The video, shot by Natasha Baggett, shows her use of the prosthetics, with Baggett turning a car key, opening compartments on her dashboard, and picking up a cup.

“So some people have been asking to see some everyday normal tasks I can accomplish with my prosthetic fingers,” she says in the video. “And I’m testing out this new rose-gold color on my prosthetic and I thought it’d be the perfect chance to show you guys what I can do.”

Baggett told Storyful she had an “accident while making a laptop table for a wheelchair-bound boy” last year.

“My saw kicked back and sent the board I was working on into the air,” she said. “On the board’s way down, it smacked my hand into the blade.” Credit: Natasha Baggett via Storyful