Goat schmurgle is the most fun way ever to spend time with the "kids"

416 次觀看・6 個月前
This is Haute Goat Farm in Kendall, Ontario. They have a herd of friendly goats who accompany the guests on a walk around the farm, a stroll through a clover meadow, and then a session in a goat playground with the babies. The goats love the interaction, the sights as they stroll, and the fresh clover to eat. Guests pet the goats, take pictures, learn about the animals and their different personalities, as well as enjoy a relaxing stroll in the sunshine. People come here for a variety of reasons. Curiosity, relaxation, animal interaction, stress relief, fun with the kids - human or otherwise. No matter what your reason, the goats are delightful and a lot of fun to spend time with.