Five Minute Tabata Workout

1 年前
Here is a killer Tabata cardio workout for all fitness levels! Tabata is a great way to get your cardio done. It takes just 4 minutes and everyone can do it! The goal is to work at 85% (or higher) capacity for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds. 8 rounds for a grand total of 4 minutes! We recommend doing tabata 1-4 x’s a week and after you do your resistance training. If you’re short on time, just do a tabata workout and call it a day!     If you would like to read the published research on tabata workouts click the link below. Dr. Tataba's Orignal Study Stayed tuned for a stretching workout video later this week! Please like, follow, share and subscribe. Live Awesome & Thrive, Jess & Randy #fitness #exercise #cardio #workout #fatloss #health