'Holy Moly' - Goat's High-Pitched Howl Catches Farmer by Surprise

1 年前

An Ohio farmer couldn’t quite believe her ears when one of her goats let out a “hilarious” high-pitched scream while butting heads with another barnyard animal.

Oberlin-based Tammy Tunison filmed footage of two of her goats, Junior and Alex, involved in a heated debate, with Junior letting out several piercing howls.

“Holy moly,” Tunison can be heard saying, though she explained to Storyful that the potential reason for the distinctive noise was a recent urethrostomy surgery Junior had undergone.

Before the surgery, she said, “his screams were normal” and “lower pitched”. Now, however, his screams are at a “very high pitch” Tunison said.

“It is hilarious. When I first heard him scream I thought one of them got hurt while playing, but no, it was all Junior, being Junior.”

The surgery, which aims to help with bladder movement, followed several months of Junior feeling unwell. “He had calcium carbonate bladder stones in his bladder and urethra. We thought we were going to lose him,” she said.

Tunison thanked the staff at Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center for taking care of him during “life-saving” surgery. “I cannot thank everyone there enough,” she said, “he is doing great now” — even if he is a little noisier. Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful