Homemade Buñuelos Jarochos (Donuts) Recipe

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Looking for a new dessert, try homemade Buñuelos Jarochos (Donuts). So delicious served with homemade Sugar Cane Syrup. Buñuelos Jarochos Ingredients: 600 gr Flour, sifted 1 cup Milk, lukewarm 1/2 cup (divided) Water, lukewarm 150 gr cooked/mashed Potato Good Pinch of Salt 1 Egg 4 tbsp Sugar 2 tbsp Butter, melted 1-1/2 tsp Yeast 30 oz Oil for frying Topping: 3 tbsp Sugar 1 tsp Cinnamon Whisk together Sugar, Yeast & 1/4 cup of Water, rest until bubbles form. Add Potato, Egg, Vanilla & Butter, whisk well. Add Flour, Salt & Milk use Dough Hooks and mix. Add rest of Water and continue mixing until everything comes together and Dough is smooth, elastic and not to sticky. Could take 15 - 20 Minutes with a hand mixer. Coat a large bowl with Oil, place Dough inside and cover with Kitchen Towel. Rest for 1-1/2 hours in a warm place. Combine Sugar & Cinnamon, whisk well and set aside for Topping. Heat Oil in a med sized pot. (Submerge handle of wooden spoon, if bubbles form Oil is ready) Coat your Hands lightly with cold Oil. Pinch off a Golf Ball sized piece of Dough. Stretch out the Dough & push a hole in the center forming a circle. Place carefully in Oil, put wooden spoon handle in middle of Dough and spin in a circle until desired shape. Fry one side, then flip until golden on both sides. (about 1 minute on each side) Remove, letting the extra Oil drip off. Place on Paper Towel. Repeat with rest of Dough. Before serving sprinkle with Cinnamon Sugar. Enjoy!