Engineer Dad Helps Daughter Craft Homemade Self-Balancing 'Rocket'

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An innovative father helped his four-year-old daughter craft a self-balancing, water-propelled “rocket” using household items, video uploaded on August 17 shows.

Edgar Escobar, who runs the channel @super_simple_diy on YouTube, recorded this video at his home in Powell, Ohio, and told Storyful this was a project he and his kids had worked on all summer.

“It had to be created with an upcycled bottle and household items,” the father said, as his YouTube channel promotes simple DIY projects “so other kids with less resources can enjoy.”

“As an engineer, I explained all the major principles to my four-year-old daughter, and she spent her free time tinkering and trying different things,” Escobar said, adding that this video of the successful launch took 30 attempts.

“She wants to be an astronaut when she grows up and have an opportunity to go to Mars one day,” the Escobar said of his precocious daughter. Credit: @super_simple_diy on YouTube via Storyful