Houses and Other Debris Wash Up Odesa Coast, Officials Say

1 年前

Parts of homes washed up on a beach in Odesa, Ukraine, on Saturday, June 10, after the destruction of the Nova Kakhova dam in Kherson more than 100 miles upriver caused major flooding early in the week, Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service said.

A member of the Ukrainian Parliament made a similar report on Friday, saying that part of a roof and the walls of a home had turned up on the shore of Dolphin Beach outside the Black Sea city of Odesa. The distance between Nova Kakhovka and the beach is roughly 120 miles.

Flooding caused by the destruction of the Kakhovka dam on Tuesday destroyed homes on both sides of the river in Kherson Oblast. Footage posted to social media this week showed building collapses, and volunteers rescuing people from the floodwaters reported that debris was filling the river. Credit: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine via Storyful