New housing development's kids' play area - a pile of nine logs

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A new-build housing development where houses were sold for £600k has sparked anger with a kids' play area - a pile of nine logs. The fenced-off play area at Ashton Rise estate near Market Harborough, Leicestershire, boasts the logs and a single bench. Local man John Lewis, 51, took to social media to highlight the dismal kids play area. The self-employed IT systems engineer said the developers "should be ashamed." Developers Linden Homes completed the 119-house estate in late 2020. According to local reports in 2018, the maximum home purchase was £600,000 - with others starting from £384,995. John is heard saying in the video: "Now this apparently is a play area for young children. Of course, no dogs, no smoking, no cycling. "So obviously, we're expecting something pretty amazing here. "The equipment is operated and maintained by FirstPort property service, 'Please report any damage to customer services,' it says, okay." "So, here we go then." Footage shows John panning across to reveal the pile of logs in the fenced-off area. John continues: "I don't think I'd let my bloody dog play on this, would you? "What the hell is that supposed to be?! That is it, that's the play area, everybody. Fantastic." The kids' play area is operated by maintained by FirstPort - who claim to be the "UK’s leading residential property management specialists." FirstPort told SWNS that the park was not created by them - they only maintain it. John added: "My first thoughts were, 'is this modern art?' "And then 'Oh My God, what a joke.' "I was also expecting there to be a 'keep-out' [sign], in case the equipment had been stolen." He said it's a point of contention for locals as the community has "nothing for kids and the cost of the houses are half-a-million plus." At the time of development, Linden Homes contributed more than £2,000,000 to local infrastructure - as per their agreement with Harborough District Council. They said at the time: "This includes £873,155 towards primary, secondary and post-16 education, £237,825 towards outdoor sports provision, £126,577 for children and young people’s amenities, £121,974 for town centre improvements, and a £35,406 contribution to local policing." Linden Homes was contacted for comment. The footage was captured on September 17.