Govt. incompetence takes a toll on businessmen amid lockdown in Gilgit Baltistan

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20 天前
Administrative incompetence of Gilgit Baltistan government has once again been exposed as people in this illegally occupied region are facing severe problems due to the discriminatory and unprofessional conduct of the authorities amid a growing pandemic of Covid-19. While one section of society is brazenly disregarding the social distancing and other mandatory lockdown norms, small businessmen and daily wagers are being tackled with an iron fist. Women activists have urged the government to waive off their loans as the situation has become grim amid the lockdown. There are no earnings and the interests on loans they acquired for their businesses are increasing every day. Gilgit Baltistan, an illegally occupied region with a population of around 2 million has registered 364 Corona cases. The government which takes decisions at whims and fancies of Islamabad hasn't been ordering enough testing per day. And with negligent authorities in place, the region might witness a sudden boom in Covid-19 patients in the coming weeks.
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