Islamabad Court Drops Contempt Case Against Imran Khan

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Pakistan’s High Court dropped a contempt of court case against former prime minister Imran Khan on Monday, October 3, which had related to comments he made regarding a judge in August.

Dawn reported that Khan wrote in his affidavit that he “might have crossed a line” in his criticism of a sessions judge and was willing to apologize. He said he had not intended to threaten the judge and “there was no intention behind the statement to take any action other than legal action,” Dawn reported.

The members of the bench decided to unanimously drop the case, Dawn reported, with Chief Justice Athar Minallah noting that Khan had visited the sessions court to tender an apology.

Video showing a car leaving the venue was filmed by journalist Ahsan Wahid. He captioned the footage, “Big decision. Contempt of court action against Imran Khan is over. Khan Adalat left for Bani Gala.” Credit: Ahsan Wahid via Storyful