7/7 bombing anniversary: officials lays wreaths at memorial

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1 個月前
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick have laid wreaths at the 7/7 memorial in Hyde Park on the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack which killed 52 people. .
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    All the people who attended were the ones who were supposed to protect the people and they failed.
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    BLM kept away I see how many people have been murdered by the BAME and how many more will be, yet they riot because a convicted criminal died, more people murdered by BAME than have died in Police custody, Khan would love to disband the Police then his Sharia law would take over
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    Look at Khan who has the gall to appear even. He supports BLM and defunding the police. Imagine a society without police! That is what Khan wants. His mission is to destroy London, and so far he is making a good job of it.
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    Khans Londistan where streets are rivers of blood.
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    So little coverage of this in the media.
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    What a surprise look who it is, the ones responsible for blood on the streets.
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    Imagine importing people into your country that will murder the people who elected you. Why would you do that?
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    News Media Corrupted By China
    Fundamentalists hear silence as endorsing their actions, THEY KNOW THIS
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    I don't trust Lefty Khan!
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