Chakrabarti: "We're not testing enough"

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2 個月前
Shadow Attorney General Baroness Chakrabarti has said the UK government is "not testing enough" in the fight against coronavirus and called for community wide testing and contact tracing. On calls for a national unity government as was used in the second World War, Chakrabarti disagreed as "transparency and debate is actually quite important" in a public health emergency.
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    Shadow Attorney General Baroness Chakrabarti has said the UK government is "not testing enough". The same could not be said about HER in this negative political point scoring article when despite any shortfalls most people accept the Government and its advisers are doing their best to rectify the problem. Any inquisition she wants can follow later but now is not the time without further reducing public morale totally unnecessarily.
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    Which expert is giving her advice? People are confused and scared enough so please score your points after and not during a global health crisis.
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    Who pulled her chain
  • d
    they never disappoint do they haaa haaa
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    So Chackrabati is now an expert on public health, the Coronavirus and epidemiology in general is she?. The Government are following the advice of the medical experts she is simply trying to score political points talking about things she knows feck all about.
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    im surprised she hasn't asked for it be seen as against peoples human rights
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    Whichever companies are behind the slow supply of test and ppe kit to the NHS had better realise their is a future of supply to the NHS that might just be going somewhere else after this. NHS should organise central purchasing for the future, that will make a lot of potential suppliers think twice about letting the NHS down.
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    So tell me, how is testing going to make any difference apart from making fancy charts and statistics? You test 10000 people and ten are positive. So what? Those ten go into self isolation. But wait, we are already self isolating.
    We can trace where those ten people have been and find the source? Sure, good luck with that one.
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    As usual - stating the bleeding obvious! Where does she think the extra test kits are going to come from? Obviously a Diane Abbott disciple - not too clever with numbers!
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    and so the Labour MP's go on and on talking nothing but cra%
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