Climate change protesters gather in Westminster

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8 個月前
Hundreds of people have gathered in Westminster to take part in a climate change protest.
  • K
    load of wasters. Funny how 'global warming' has morphed into 'climate change'
  • V
    V for Vendetta
    And how many got to the "protest" without releasing CO2 ??
  • C
    A rain dance?
  • B
    I'll bet the local shops did well from the extra business.
  • L
    too many papers gone to the bin... in Berlin was about 1.5 million people... how many traffic jams were this day? how many CO2 was in the air from working engines which was blocked on the road... do you really save the planet? just turn off in your appartments... TV, PC, snartphone chargers. air conditioners. dont use buses, trains, cars and you will do more... than this more affected to the nature march... but you dont that is sadly thrue
  • i
    Complete load of no hopers,have nots and never will haves
  • R
    I hope non of them farted.
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