Corbyn: Queen's Speech was just a ramble of nonsense

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2 年前
Jeremy Corbyn heavily criticised the Queen’s Speech during a Labour Party rally in Westminster. The Labour leader labelled it a "farce" that was "bereft of any hope, any content, any belief”, adding that it was “just a ramble of nonsense and a parody of ideas".
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    Corbyn: Queen's Speech was just a ramble of nonsense .....Bit like 97% of the Speeches in the commons from you lot
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    Funny that, the more intelligent of us, understood it, but hey I am sure someone Could explain it to you.
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    Mike Too For Brexit
    Presumably Corbyn had decided that before he heard the speech. Of course he would know absolutely everything about rambling nonsense, because it's what he does..
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    Civil War
    Corbyn needs to look in the Mirror. Take a look at this speech of him who says one thing and does another.
    Amazing how they can cheer an unpatriotic Traitor who openly supports Terrorists, has antisemitism in his party and after all the threats we allowed into this country wants to open our borders and let more in. Tvvat.
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    Well he would know!
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    Of course, Corbyn is again the UK having Monarchy! Corbyn would rather have Stalin brought back to life or his body sat upright on the throne in Buckingham Palace.
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    accusing the queen of rambling ?
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    JC's remark is well suited to most posts that are posted here too! However, this country has witnessed bucket loads of trollop and tripe spewed out by David Cameron, George Osbourne, Philip Hammond and the late Theresa Dismay on how they have put together a government that is fair and just for all of society. Oh really? The ever increasing shortage of social housing, risding numbers pf homeless people, openings of more soup kitchens, rising personal debt, NHS underfunding, year upon year of austerity, etc. has brought this country to its knees. Boris Johnson's endeavours, Brexit on 29 October 2019 and HS2 (hopefully, soon to be scrapped), are perhaps the only glimmer of truth that has emanated from Parliament recently.
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    Corbyn will be well used to that statement, (Just a ramble of nonsense)
    Every time he opens his mouth that is all that ever comes out of it.
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    Corbyn is an expert on talking nonsense.
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