Diane Abbott pokes fun at Boris and Jo Johnson

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7 個月前
Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has said we live in extraordinary times, while poking fun at Boris and Jo Johnson. Her comments come as she delivered a speech to the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.
  • J
    Boris and Jo Johnson - how many people is that? Diane Abbott please answer the question - is the answer:
    1, 2 or 10,000?
  • F
    The only thing Fiona Bruce needs to apologise for is having Diane Abbott on the QUETION TIME SHOW in the first place.
  • T
    Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott poking fun at Boris and Jo Johnson should be careful, as these things can come back like a boomerang to hit her back. Someone who sets herself up cannot expect no one will not make fun of her and then cry wolf when she does not like it herself.
  • R
    Ahhh yes, Diane Abbott.... Under Labour's extraordinary proposals for education, she could become the new minister for Arithmetic........ eh.
  • W
    What Key Words
    If you need a reason why Parliament is no longer viable and has become a liability Just look at DIANE ABBOTT.
  • A
    Don't give up the day job, on second thoughts do.
  • w
    How about the interview she gave to a UK Radio station in 2017 saying how much its going to cost for extra 10,000 police, saying it would cost an extra £300,000 equivalent to officers earning £30 a year or just under 58 pence a week...
  • D
    imagine being mocked by the great Diane wow
  • W
    Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me, and I don't understand why?
  • K
    She should have a good sense of humour just look at what she has to look at in the mirror every morning
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