Dominic Cummings doorstepped outside London home

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1 個月前
Government adviser Dominic Cummings continues to face pressure to resign or be sacked over allegations he broke lockdown guidelines. Mr Cummings ignored members of the press as he left his London home this morning.
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    Genevieve Vavance
    While reporters continually ignore social distancing measures.
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    The most pressing issue regarding Cummings is that the BBC breached its own impartiality rules when reporting the event on Newsnight. Logic would insist that all of those demanding his resignation must also demand Emily Maitlis and her editors be sacked. That is of far greater importance to the health of a democracy than the actions of a political advisor
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    It is only the media having a go at Cummings, the rest of us do not actually give a (d)am about what he did.
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    keith s
    Why are news organisations above the law and remain untouched for their misbehaviour?
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    I can't see an intelligent man like Dominic Cummings taking any notice of hacks from the comic press.
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    The media should be fined for not keeping 2 meter. Distance rule
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    Shouldn't this be yesterdays news ? Its been a front page headline for quite some time now..
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    Maybe I'm missing something......but what is the point of these camera persons standing outside Cumming's house every day. They take the same photos every day, as he leaves his house and gets into his car. He doesn't say anything and why should he, so the whole thing is an exercise in futility!
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    Who's doing this? Are anti-Brexiteers paying these bullies? If it's breaking the lockdown that worries them why aren't they outside Nicola sturgeon's home, complaining about the diseased Nike delegation in Scotland?
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    People wonder why he left the viral cesspit of london in April to go a secluded isolated cottage, as soon as the press would have got wind of him isolating they would have been like this knocking on the door or ringing the bell like they have been doing to his aged parents. At the time he was safer away from London and work colleagues who were dropping like flies then.
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