Extinction Rebellion target Conservative election bus

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1 個月前
Climate change activists have glued themselves to the Conservative campaign bus, warning the party's green targets amount to a "death sentence" for everyone. Extinction Rebellion protesters, some dressed as bees, walked towards the bus in the road as it left the JCB factory in Uttoxeter after Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a speech there.
Ted9 小時前
Saw the Labour line up of hopefuls and heard what they had t...更多
Rachel Foxx6 小時前
It really is time that just talking stopped and just action ...更多
Pumpkin13 小時前
I am fed up with those who site a date 80 years ago claiming...更多
George15 小時前
They lost because like Khan labour are too London centric an...更多
Better-the-devil-you-know1 天前
I bet there were no England flags at the launch, was there?
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