Family friend speaks about 13-year-old virus victim

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2 個月前
A 13-year-old boy who became the UK’s youngest known coronavirus victim died alone without his family around him, a family friend told ITV News. Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab passed away in the early hours of Monday at King’s College Hospital in London - he is believed to be the youngest person to have died from the virus in the UK. Family friend Mohammed Motlib told ITV News: “No one else is allowed to be around that individual that means on your death bed in your last moments, you are alone".
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    i'm an electrical engineer, and was helping at the excel nightingale hospital, i had to drive through east london, i can honestly say the amount of people on the streets, non essential shops open, is beyond a joke,,, it's like they're just ignoring the virus,, it's sickening,, why are the police not enforcing anything,,
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    I hope the go fund me money goes to the NHS to help fight this virus,its sad he died so young but funerals cost much less.
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    Ronnie B in da House
    Is it that the family knew they would not be able to visit him in hospital so kept him home, then by the time they did call an ambulance, he was too far gone and could not be saved? If that's the case, the family will have that to live with for the rest of their lives.
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    There has been a go fund me money raising scheme! By all accounts it was up to £50,000 yesterday! It has also been said there were six siblings! Surely the money raised should be donated to the covid-19 research fund! Has it been proved he died of covid-19 ?
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    It was the Will of Allah
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    Didn't the family only call the emergency services when it was too late to save the child? Now they obviously expect the rest of society, to which they do not belong, to pick up the tab!
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    I`m waiting for the COMPO claim.
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    that's what happens when people visit the mosque, never mind it was the will of allah ba ba.
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    I just see a drain on the nhs
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    T M
    Unacceptable and sickening, giving attention to them just because they're ethnics, they ain't deserving of news space more than anyone else is.
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