Government will not appeal ruling on Heathrow third runway

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1 個月前
Grant Shapps says the Government will not appeal a court ruling against the building of a third runway at Heathrow Airport. The transport secretary said the Conservative manifesto "made clear that Heathrow was a private sector, industry led project.".
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    This not our airport anyway it's Spain's Feroval's ! a building company that the government sold it to !!
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    Daily Mail says,
    1) "Judges ruled the plans for the 3-rd runway could contravene the Paris Agreement on climate change"
    2) "Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called news a 'victory' for tackling global warming "
    However, London needs an additional airport, and it will be built. The only question is where: Heathrow or somewhere beyond London. Whichever location, it makes no difference in terms of GLOBAL climate change, unless you build it on the Moon. I am sure the judges, the mayor and the public understand it.
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    If it does go ahead, then the owners of the airport and only the owners should pay for it. No taxpayers money should go towards it.
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    Here we go again. Judges in courts deciding whether the UK can build a new runway. When were those old gits voted in by the electorate
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    Following this ruling to its logical conclusion, no building of any type will take place in UK.
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    It is a Godsend after all, they can now say it's for enviromental reasons rather than admit they don't have the dosh
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    What is required / essentially needed is an environment cost of the embodied energy costs of the works proposed, i'e' the cost in CO2 'Concrete is very expensive in CO2 costs ,1kg cement costs0.9 kg in CO2 to produce !! as an example a domestic house costs 90 tonnes CO2 in embodied energy costs.A car the size of a Mondeo costs 17 tonnes CO2 to make, so it's a lot more than what comes out of a jet's backside ! It's a very difficult truth to get thro' to m.p.s ! they just don't want to understand ,so I hope the protesters use this info !
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    Red  ant
    That's democracy for ya our own courts, our own laws ,sovereignty that's what you voted for ah ah ahhh ahhhh
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    more leftist activist judges pursuing their own brainless agenda , a third runaway at heathrow will have zero discernible effect on climate change , in fact if the UK stopped all power generation it would still have no effect , and anyway there is no way to judge the effect of building a third runway given the energy policies of the US china and india
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    off to isle of sheppey heathrow 2

    hahahahaha XR
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